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AUGUST 7, 2018
Selling Direct: Network Marketing Compliance and Practice

Auto Renewal Laws: What steps do network marketing companies need to take when automatically renewing a distributor or a purchase after an on-line enrollment? Read more about the raft of auto-renewal laws across the U.S – about companies who have been hit with auto-renewal class action suits – and what network marketing companies can do to strengthen their compliance.  Read More

Disclosing Chemicals in Cosmetics: California’s Safe Cosmetics Act requires disclosure to health authorities of harmful chemicals in cosmetics – however lawmakers have failed to strengthen enforcement efforts – what reporting efforts should network marketing companies make?    Read More

Proposition 65: With less than 30 days to go until important new Prop 65 regulations come into effect, how does your Prop 65 knowledge stack up? Take our Interactive Q&A and test yourself.  Read More